Meet our experienced and versatile in-house dance faculty


Founder-Promoter & Faculty

After training in different dance forms like Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary etc., Sourabh decided to open a school where everyone can choose the dance forms based on their interest(s). His idea and style of dance is fusion, which isn't limited to techniques and forms. He has done remarkable work in promotion of dance in Delhi and is a reputed choreographer in Delhi


Founder-Promoter & Faculty

The most popular salsera in India, Pooja is one of the most technical salsa dancer in India. Trained with the world renowned Salsamania Dance Company (USA) under the direction of three time World Salsa Championship finalist in both the team and On2 divisions Jhon Narvaez and Liz Rojas. She successfully completed her intensive Teacher Training course where we perfected our "On1" and "On2 Mambo" style of salsa. Participated, taught and performed in various salsa congresses all over the world with her team mate Reema, she has remarkably made her name as an expert in couple dance forms. She decided to start a studio after establishing her own company Danzamor successfully and with Sourabh’s vision she founded Studio Raas.


Promoter & Faculty

Reema is known for her distinct variety of creativity in the choreography all over Delhi. Trained with the same faculty as Pooja, Reema has excelled in other dance forms such as Jazz, Tribal, Body Movement and various fusion styles. She also has explored the belly dancing foundation to enhance her dance. Her expertise over making the choreography from regular to impressive makes her an amazing choreographer. She is a well known critic in terms of Dance Analysis.


Promoter & Faculty

Trained under the shadow of his brother, Ajay Soni is known as one of the best Hip Hop dancer in India. His remarkable choreographic ability in Urban Dancing has made him popular all over Delhi and his current exploration and research on Jazz, contemporary and Salsa are adding to his dancing and teaching. He has performed and taught at various places and is known as one of the best Hip Hop dance teacher choreographer in east Delhi. Now he is shifting his focus to promote dancing in different parts of Delhi.



Inderjeet Singh is known as one of the most versatile dancer, choreographer all over Delhi. While he was training under one of the best dance teacher Richard David Tholoor in Delhi, he simultaneously started teaching Bollywood dancing as he was trained with known Bollywood choreographer Ganesh Aacharya in Mumbai. His further exploration of technique in various forms like Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop with various schools had opened new dimensions for his dancing.