We specialize in choreography of fun routines for the bride, groom, and bridal party to perform at the reception...


With a huge group of professional dancers, our array of talent is available to perform live at your next special function or corporate event...


Company Team Building Dance Workshops and Dancing Classes...
To know your strengthens and weaknesses is extremely important to improve as a dancer, which i have been made aware of only here in danzamor. The training classes are customized to address our needs to balance flexibility and strength. I have become more at home in my own body by taking these classes. You may find better dancers than Sourabh, but its hard to find a better teacher. He is an exceptional trainer. He is so passionate about dance that it reflects in his teaching. He has tremendous patience and his focus on detail ensures that every class is packed with benefit. Danzamor has proven to be a blessing for me. With the ongoing training i'm sure it will help me discover and bring out my true potential as a dancer.
Just Dance! That's what Danzamor/Studio Raas is all about. Dance is not just about learning but expressing. I joined with the thought to learn but I must say I have gained a lot of art,truly respected in the right form with Danzamor. I love dancing and wish to continue with the same enthusiasm. Love Danzamor.